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Rayal Tree Care Company
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Commercial Projects

The Rayal Tree Care Company has provided excellent tree, shrub and landscape care for numerous commercial accounts throughout Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield counties. We deliver quality results along with fast, friendly service that consistently exceeds the expectations of our clients. Our commercial customers have requested our services continuously based on our excellent past performances. We are committed to helping you achieve the best looking property possible. We work to your schedule and requirements, meeting your objectives with minimum disturbance to your clients. Our state-of-the-art equipment is maintained and serviced on a regular basis to ensure that your job is completed safely, efficiently and with respect for your budget. Sample our current accounts, which we provide professional tree, shrub and landscape service on a regular basis.

Townhouses / Condominiums
commercial tree care - townhousesThe Rayal Tree Care Company provides landscape service for management companies in Dobbs Ferry, White Plains, Mt. Kisco, Yorktown, Peekskill, and Carmel. Our full line of landscape care and year round service, has allowed us build a solid relationship with their management personnel. Our friendly, reliable and safe track record is the reason why we are selected by management board members over our competitors.

Shopping Plaza
Cross River and Yorktown are two local towns where we maintain landscape care for shopping plazas. We prune branches and limbs from sidewalks, parking spaces, lamp-posts and buildings on these locations. Often we perform tree and stump removal on unsafe trees, which may cause injury or severe property damage. As with all of our completed work, the area is cleaned up as if our crew was not even at the site.

Corporate Park
commercial tree care - corporate parksRayal Tree Care Company maintains corporate parks for many businesses in the Westchester area. Our expert staff excels in keeping these grounds both beautiful and safe year round at affordable prices. We bring the latest equipment and techniques to these sites, while working in busy traffic areas that are often open to both vehicles and pedestrians. Our flexible scheduling is designed to work around your timeframe providing minimum disturbance to the activity in the area.

Schools / Campuses / Hospitals
commercial tree care - campusWhite Plains, Yorktown, and New Canaan are locations of Schools and Hospitals, which we provide, tree, shrub and landscape services. Providing a safe environment for pedestrians is crucial on these sites and our commitment is second to none. Our customer service department can react to changing conditions on short notice, which is extremely important when time is a major factor, since these properties cannot close down. Our excellent service record is why we are chosen year after year as their landscape company.

commercial tree care - campusChurch / Cemeteries
Rayal Tree Care Company has contracts agreements to maintain churches and cemeteries in the towns of Rye, Yorktown and Waccabuc. Our arborists routinely walk these properties and point out safety and problem areas. Our skilled staff keeps these properties looking their best with affordable solutions that are environmentally sound.

commercial tree care - orchardsMaintaining orchards is an art that we consider most precious to our customers, two, which are located in Waccabuc and Katonah. We understand the growth habits of your trees and know the results you desire. Understanding growth and fruiting habits is vital in maintaining these trees. Determining what to prune and what to leave will have an impact often for upwards of 7-10 years. Also insect and fungicide control is a balance achieved by careful consideration and implementation of all appropriate pest management options. We understand the growth habits of your tree and know the results you desire. The result will be good looking trees with high yields of quality produce.

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