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Deer Repellent

Watching deer strolling along your property is one of natures more enjoyable scenes. These beautiful and peaceful animals can cause damage to your shrubs, and flower- beds. Many of the most popular landscaping plants are highly palatable for deer because of their highly nutritional value, accessibility, and the tender new growth they provide. Many other small animals will feed on your landscape as well. Your most precious landscape can be severely damaged in a few days if not protected. Deer repellents are an effective means of protecting your landscape without installing expensive, cumbersome and unsightly temporary deer fencing.

Signs of damaged plants
Plants where deer have been feeding will display a rough shredded surface. Often you will see deer prints in soil or snow, about 2 to 3 inches long and are shaped like broken hearts. Damage caused by rabbits, on the other hand, has a neat, sharp 45-degree cut. Rodents will leave narrow teeth marks when feeding on branches.

Environmentally safe products
An arborist from the Rayal Tree Care Company will select a product that is both environmentally safe yet effective in controlling both deer and other feeding animals. We offer multiple varieties of applications depending what your needs are and the surrounding deer population. These applications consist of both an odor and taste which deters these animals from feeding. These are usually done in the late fall and winter but monthly in more sever cases.

Inspection & Evaluation
Please contact one of our many-experienced arborist if you suspect animal feedings on your landscaped plantings. A thorough walk through is all you need to start planning your landscaping protection. Enjoy a sense of security knowing your most valuable trees, flowers and shrubs will continue to enhance your surroundings for years to come.

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