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Landscape Design & Installation

landscape design and installationThe Rayal Tree Care Company believes landscaping involves much more than placing trees, shrubs and other plants on the property. It is an art that deals with the conscious arrangement or organization of outdoor space for your satisfaction and pleasure. Designed properly, the homeowner will enjoy the landscaped area, while increasing the curb appeal value of his or her property. Proper landscaping can also help reduce energy costs by providing shelter from the wind and sun. Trees and shrubs in the wrong place can become an expensive problem in years to come. An experienced arborist can select the proper plantings for the desired location. Our experience in managing residential and commercial landscape projects will help to make this process easy for you. We work closely with each customer to determine taste, needs, and budgets to create the perfect individual landscape.

Quality Nursery Tree Selection
When selecting trees or shrubs from a nursery, take into consideration the overall health. Common healthy signs to look for are:

  • Roots flare away from the trunk and do not show girdling (circling pattern).
  • Trunk should have a gradual taper appropriate for its height.
  • Branches should not be discolored or show insect damage.
  • Crown should display desirable branching pattern.
  • Foliage should be free of disease and pests.
  • Good leaf structure and color.

An arborist from the Rayal Tree Care Company will assist you in making the proper selection of trees and shrubs that meet your landscaping needs. We have developed relationships over the years with many professional nurseries in the area.

An important part of the project often overlooked is the installation of the new plantings. Our company prides itself on using the latest tools, technology, techniques, and safety principles of installation, to ensure the job is done correctly and efficiently.

Knowing the tree's mature size is very important in selecting the location. Trees should be placed so that they may develop freely without crowding each other, buildings, utility lines or other structures. Our careful and thoughtful planning, will decrease future maintenance problems, therefore saving the homeowner expensive corrective procedures later on. Conditions we consider when selecting a location:

  • Is irrigation available.
  • What is the light exposure, sun or shade.
  • What is the soil composition.
  • What is the soil drainage.
  • What size will the planting grow when mature.
  • What is the distance from the site to buildings.
  • Are there any overhead power lines.
  • Are there any below ground considerations, water, cable.

Our expert technicians will install your new trees and shrubs while taking great care for your existing surroundings. Our teams pride themselves on neat and clean installations.

Professional Tree and Shrub Care
Once your new plantings are installed, we offer a variety of services to keep your property looking great all season. See our TREE & SHRUB SERVICES section in this web site for our excellent year round maintenance programs we offer at reasonable prices. Regular maintenance, designed to promote plant health and vigor, ensures your plantings will continue to grow and remain healthy for many years.

When the task requires vision and experience, the Rayal Tree Care Company has the planning and design expertise needed for your home's landscaping. We look forward to walking your property with you and creating a plan that exceeds your expectations. To learn more about any of our professional landscaping designs, please contact our customer service department at Rayal Tree Care Company today.

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