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Lawn Care

lawn careAs a homeowner, you must care for your lawn. Proper landscape care includes mowing, fertilizer/pest control, cultivation, irrigation and overseeding. Most landscape care companies are more familiar with current developments in fertilizer and pest technology than homeowners. When lawn care is involved, lawn maintenance includes three factors, which must work with the others to produce an attractive and functional turf. The homeowner must properly water and mow the turf. Nature must provide good growing conditions. When temperature, precipitation and humidity fall out of the optimal range, problems may arise. Finally, the landscape care company must properly apply fertilizer, diagnose insect and disease problems and control weeds. Let a Rayal Tree Care professional help you achieve the healthy, green lawn you’ve always wanted at an affordable price.

The Rayal Tree Care Company provides high quality, expert seeding and lawn renovation services. Our experts provide a complete analysis of your property. We will observe factors such as:

  • Soil type
  • Amount of shade
  • Irrigation
  • Contour of landscape

From this analysis, the proper seed will be chosen as well as the installation and maintenance program for your new lawn.

Types of grass seed.

Red Fescue: This type of grass seed is known for growing thick and compact. Planting creeping red fescue will bind your lawn together and have it looking full and lush.

Meadow Grass: This is one of the more versatile types of grass seed. Smooth stalked meadow grass is very resistant to wear and tear and is especially efficient in times of severe drought.

Bentgrass: This grass seed is one of the golden oldies. It provides a sturdy base to your lawn and stays green throughout the winter months when cold temperatures do their damage. It also grows compact and is a favorite seed for golf courses.

Mixtures: You also have the option of combining these grass seed types to get the lawn look and feel you want. A mixture is a good idea when you have specific growing conditions. Extreme moisture or heat, are two instances where you might want a grass seed mixture on your lawn.

Custom Fertilization Programs
The Rayal Tree Care Company will customize your fertilization program to your specific type of grass. Fertilizer has three main elements. Nitrogen, (the first number) Phosphate, (the middle number) and Potash (the last number). Each element has a particular purpose as to what it does to a grass plant. A balanced fertilizing program for your lawn will include all three main elements with some of the micro-nutrients also needed by grass. Some of the micronutrients are readily available in the soil you have, others have to be added. To be certain what is needed a soil test is the place to start. After receiving the results of your soil test, we will apply the recommended amounts of fertilizer in the proper quantity. We will recommend the appropriate blend of dry and/or liquid fertilizer applications that will:

  • Provides dark green rich turf color
  • Keeps grass healthy (from stress)
  • Keeps grass thick helping to keep weeds out

An early spring application will involve fertilizer and crabgrass control. This will prevent the crabgrass from growing before it starts. A second late spring application will involve a broad leaf control to rid the lawn of sprouting weeds and allow the new grass to fill in.

Insect and Disease Control
A professional landscape care provider should be able to treat your lawn for most common lawn pests, safe and effectively. A comprehensive landscape care program will help you obtain, maintain and enjoy a fantastic looking lawn while accommodating your insect control and grub control treatment preferences. Timely inspections of your lawn will help provide early clues to unwanted insect and disease, which can cause great damage. Lawn insects can be neatly divided into two distinct groups. Namely insects that feed above the ground, and insects that feed below the ground.

Insect which cause problems are: Ants, Aphids, army worms, billbugs, chiggers, chinch bugs, cutworms, earwigs, fleas, grubs, Japanese beetles, leafhoppers, mites, mole crickets, slugs & snails, spittlebugs, and ticks.

A Rayal Tree Care expert will select products, which best treat your lawn problems, which will will keep it healthy, green and abundant year round.

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