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Limiting Construction Damage

lawn careNew building construction and site expansions benefit from retaining trees for their environmental and ornamental values. Unfortunately without proper planning, these construction activities may harm trees and shrubs closest the work area. The vast majority of architects, developers and building contractors do not have the knowledge to successfully preserve your most precious trees and shrubs. Damage from poorly-planned trenching or excavation around supporting roots may compromise the tree's stability. Protecting trees prior to any construction is of the utmost importance and fairly easy to do. At Rayal Tree Care Company, our professional arborist will develop a planned “team” approach to your project long before any plans are drawn.

Preservation plan
Prior to the construction phase, we will provide recommendations to protect the roots, trunks and branches of all trees and shrubs in the vicinity of your project. Periodic checks will be performed during the construction digging and building. Once your project is completed, pruning, spraying and fertilization are highly recommended to minimize construction stress and damage. Post construction consultation will ensure the future care of the trees.

Our educated and fully trained professionals at the Rayal Tree Care Company can consult with you to ensure your next home improvement or expansion project is a successful one. Remember limiting stress prior to construction is much easier than trying to alleviate damage. In other words, prevention is the best treatment.

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