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Stump Grinding

Emergency Tree ResponseMany homeowners struggle to decide if removing the stumps is really necessary. The visual reminder that a tree once existed or having to work around this hazard may influence your decision. A stump that decays may harbor insects and negative fungi, which can create more problems later on. Rayal Tree Care Companies professional tree felling specialists, can remove your unsightly and potentially hazardous stumps using the proper equipment. It works like a chipper at the ground level. Our experienced technician will make several passes with this machine until the stump is well below the surface. This creates a pile of dirt and wood chips, which we will thoroughly remove and discard from the site. This area is now leveled and ready for your lawn installation or construction project.

A Rayal Tree Care arborist can explain the benefits and cost of removing stumps, which are part of your current job. We also provide estimates for stump removals from previous tree takedowns. Contact our customer service department for a free estimate on removing your un-sightly stumps from your landscape.

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