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Tree & Shrub Fertilization

tree and shrub fertilizationTrees require certain essential elements or “nutrients” to function and grow. Trees established in forest have access to sufficient amounts of these nutrients in the soil. Landscape or urban trees can be growing in insufficient soils for many reasons unaware to the homeowner. It may be necessary to fertilize or to adjust the soil pH to increase nutrient availability. An experienced arborist can make the correct analysis and recommendations once a inspection of your landscape is completed. Ongoing deep root fertilization programs improve the oxygen content, microbial activity, and nutrient levels within the soil, leading to improved environmental conditions around and within the root zone. Performing liquid fertilization will have a positive effect of stimulating healthy, rigorous root growth as well as increased foliage production.

Mychorrizae are microscopic organisms which live in a symbiotic relationship with trees that help the plants small fibrous roots absorb nutrients and water. Mychorrizae occurs naturally in forested settings but are killed off in suburban settings by pollution, herbicides and pesticides. A Rayal Tree Care Company specialist can inject this solution into the root systems of established trees and shrubs. The fungus grows into the root and out into the soil. The fungus in the soil absorbs water and nutrients from the soil and conducts them back to the root. Stressed trees and shrubs will begin to recover quickly and add value and beauty to your landscape.

Reasons to Fertilize
The main objective of liquid fertilization is to:

  • Promotes lush growth and more vibrant colors in flowering plants and trees.
  • Overcome a nutrient deficiency.
  • Correct for a deficiency detected from a soil or foliar analysis.
  • Aerates soil and breaks up compaction.
  • Replenishes reserves lost to stress, disease, infection, drought etc.
  • Promotes new growth to fill in spaces where privacy screening is an issue.

Method of application
Rayal Tree Care Company skilled technicians will apply the special nutrients by injecting fertilizer in a liquid solution using a pressurized probe. This probe penetrates the soil enabling this fertilizer solution to penetrate the root zone of the trees and shrubs. The injection hole spacing should be applied in a grid pattern. This method allows all the nutrients in the fertilizer (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, iron and manganese) to immediately be used by the tree and shrub being fertilized.

Timely applications
When considering supplemental fertilizer, it is important to know which nutrients are needed and when and how they should be applied. Depending upon your plant varieties, and their general state of health, this deep root injection fertilizer technique may be suggested at various times throughout the season, although, spring and fall are generally the best times of the season.

Take advantage of Rayal Tree Care Company’s liquid fertilization program and watch your trees and shrubs become greener and healthier with leaves and blossoms that grow larger and fuller. One call to our customer service department can lead you to improving the overall vitality of your landscape and increase its value for many years to come.

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