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Tree & Shrub Transplanting

tree and shrub transplantingMost trees and shrubs are planted in areas where they will enhance the look of a home or surroundings. Occasionally there is a need to relocate these more valuable plantings to other areas of your property. Some reasons for relocation are:

  • Home additions or landscaping improvements.
  • Plantings outgrowing their current space.
  • Eliminate further damage to existing structures, walkways or driveways.
  • Create shade for house, decks, pools, or play areas.
  • Reduce soil erosion.
  • Create a noise barrier.
  • Provide privacy between properties.

The Rayal Tree Care Company combines an experienced team with the proper equipment required for a safe and successful tree transplanting. We transplant trees of all ages and sizes with care and professionalism to your existing landscape. Our arborist will suggest the best possible location for your transplanted tree or shrub.

Determining location
Each tree and shrub species have different environmental requirements. Chose a location for the tree or shrub where light, moisture, soil pH, and wind exposure are appropriate for the particular species. The required space must account for root and crown development it matures. Soil characteristics are often limiting factors for woody plant survival in a given area. Sometimes the soil is inappropriate for tree growth and needs preparation. This may include improving drainage or amendments before trees and / or shrubs are planted. In areas where the soil is not favorable, our arborist should perform a soil test.

Prior to digging, shrubs and trees with low branches should have these branches tied up to prevent injury during the digging, transporting and planting operations. Our tree experts will carefully dig around the tree or shrub roots with a sharp spade to ensure the roots are clean cut. Deciduous trees with a stem diameter of less than 1 inch and small deciduous shrubs may be dug either bare root or with a soil ball. Larger plants should only be dug with soil attached. Bare root transplanting should only be done in the spring and care must be taken to prevent damage to roots when removing the soil diameter.

Storing, transporting and planting
Once the trees and shrubs that have been dug for transplanting, they will planted as soon as possible. The root ball will be covered in a damp burlap or canvas material, which will retain moisture. The tree or shrub will be carefully moved to its new properly prepared location. Our arborist will guide the installation of the tree or bush into its new location. The correct size hole and planting height is crucial to its survival.

Follow up care
The survival of these transplants will be effected by the follow-up care suggested by our experienced arborist. Recommended watering, feeding and pruning schedules will explained to improve the success of your plants future.

Contact our tree expert for questions you may have on transporting trees and shrubs on your property.

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