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Vapor Guard

vapor guardTree, shrub and plant damage caused during winter months often does not show up until spring or early summer, and the problem often gets blamed on other causes. Most of the damage is caused by desiccation (a complete loss of moisture). These conditions cause stress, shock, wilting and plant failure. Winters frozen soil can deprive your plantings the ability to take up soil moisture. This is also vital to newly installed shrubs that were not established prior to harsh winter conditions. Vapor guarding as a preventive measure, will hold in moisture on plant foliage and stems, substantially reducing water loss and plant stress. An application applied in the late fall season provides sufficient protection for shrubs and plantings to survive winters damage.

Contact our Rayal Tree Care Company customer service department at your earliest convenience. An arborist will provide a full detailed explanation on how our Vapor Guarding Program can keep your most precious plantings looking great. Our team will work with you step by step to ensure the end results surpass your expectations.

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